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The San Francisco Regional Center (SFRC) is a federally-designated EB-5 business recognized by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

EB-5 Investing

The EB-5 visa for Immigrant Investors is a United States visa created by the Immigration Act of 1990 and is coordinated by the U.S. government office of the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS), a department of Homeland Security. This visa provides a method of obtaining a green card for foreign nationals who invest money in the United States.

"Congress created the EB-5 Program in 1990 to attract investors and entrepreneurs from around the globe to create jobs in America. We are dedicated to enhancing this program to ensure that it achieves that goal to the fullest extent possible." – USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas

Permanent resident status based on EB-5 eligibility might be available to investors who have invested – or are actively in the process of investing $1,000,000 – or if the investment is in a new commercial enterprise in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA) -- the required investment is decreased to the $500,000 investment level. A new commercial enterprise includes: the creation of an original business, the purchase of an existing business and restructuring or reorganizing the business to the extent that a new commercial enterprise results, or expanding upon an existing business. An applicant seeking status as an immigrant investor must demonstrate that his/her investment will benefit the United States economy and create full-time employment for no fewer than ten qualified individuals, or maintain the number of existing employees in a "troubled business."

About Investing Through a Regional Center

A regional center is defined as any economic entity, public or private, which is involved with the promotion of economic growth, improved regional productivity, job creation and increased domestic capital investment. The organizers of a regional center seeking the "Regional Center" designation from USCIS must submit a proposal, supported by economically or statistically valid forecasting tools, showing:

  • How the regional center plans to focus on a geographical region within the United States. The proposal must explain how the regional center will promote economic growth in that region.
  • How, in verifiable detail (using economic models in some instances), jobs will be created directly or indirectly through capital investments made in accordance with the regional center's business plan.
  • The amount and source of capital committed to the regional center and the promotional efforts made and planned for the business project.
  • How the regional center will have a positive impact on the regional or national economy.