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The Call Centers are part of the Business Process Outsourcing global market now valued at over $300 billion USD, and it continues to grow rapidly.

Call Center Series



Project Summary: CallSocket is premiering a call center that will create more than 450 indirect and direct jobs and revenues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, based in Oakland, California. The company intends to distinguish itself by building a cutting edge service model in the contact/call center industry by blending the latest generation customer management technology platforms with an unparalleled call center professional staff. CallSocket's inbound and outbound call center team is available to answer questions or to take orders by e-mail, live chat or by calling a toll free number.

CallSocket's services are delivered through strategic partnerships with Google, Microsoft and other online social media platforms to deliver advertising and communications flexibility in the most comprehensive telecommunications environment available today.

Today's consumers expect access to product and/or service information from wherever they are, using various multichannel contact points, including mobile phones, e-mail, SMS text and the Internet. The customer management market, now valued at over $300B USD, continues to grow rapidly since companies favor outsourcing their customer service centers due to the cost-savings benefits. Customers include industry sectors including financial services, medical services, direct marketing companies that sell products through television, large cable and cellular companies, and companies that wish to outsource first-level help desk support in the San Francisco Bay Area.










Project Updates

CallSocket III


CallSocket III is initially opening to potential EB-5 investors through a reserved offering. San Francisco Regional Center's call center series is achieving tremendous success. CallSocket I and II are fully subscribed. This project is available for investment on May 1, 2013 and will be open to 30 investors. USCIS has approved the project.

CallSocket II


CallSocket II is the San Francisco Regional Center's current EB-5 investment. Located in the Dufwin Building in Oakland, California. This project is available for investment on August 1st, 2012 and will be open to 30 investors. USCIS has approved the project and the 3rd party economic report for 458 jobs to be created.

CallSocket I