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Independent grocers not affiliated with a “big box” chain store, are responsible for $129.5 billion in annual sales and employ over one million people in the U.S.

Grocery Center

West End Market

Project Summary: West End Market is focused on job creation in a neighborhood with upward economic mobility situated in the northwestern corner of Oakland, along the waterfront near the Port of Oakland, and 1.4 miles from the entrance of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. West End Market will capitalize on the existing consumer traffic to the site and by tremendous growth in the neighborhood by creating a much-needed independent grocery store and nearby commissary which will handle central preparation for its deli, in-store fast casual dining and an on-the-go product line supplied to the new store and to other locations. An Economic Impact study projected a total of300 new jobs will be created by this investment over a two year period.

But perhaps just as valuable as the job creation, a significant aspect of this proposed project is that the local community will finally have access to a much needed grocery market, reversing a decade old condition known as a “food desert.” West Oakland is among the city’s most economically vibrant regions; leading in new residential construction starts as well as business licenses for new operations and services. Yet despite this and the immediate demand for fresh and affordable food, West Oakland currently lacks a grocery outlet. No full service grocery store serves the existing 62,000 residents in West Oakland and other than our proposed West End Market, there are no plans underway by any other entity to accommodate local residents.


Project Updates

West Oakland Plaza


SFRC is sponsoring a new EB-5 project known as West Oakland Plaza, LP, a California Limited Partnership. An economic and job creation impact study completed projected that a total of 300 jobs will be created with this investment within two years after launching.